Ambidextrous System-On-Chip spotted in the wild

NComputing has introduced a $20 “ambidextrous” System-On-Chip (SoC) that is expected to bring advanced virtualization capabilities to multiple mobile-based platforms.

“Numo is an ambidextrous chip that will power consumer applications, such as accessing Google from a smart TV, as well as enterprise applications, such as using Microsoft Windows-based virtual desktops in bank branch offices,” an Ncomputing spokesperson told TG Daily in an e-mailed statement.

“The chip, combined with NComputing vSpac virtualization software, supports Windows, Linux, and Android user experiences with full multimedia and wireless support. As such, devices powered by Numo have the ability to connect directly to the web and access Internet-based cloud services, eliminating the need for local servers, and take advantage of the rich growing population of Android applications.”

The spokesperson also noted that the integration of Numo-based devices and vSpace software enabled “ambidextrous operation” without compromising local and cloud-based multimedia PC functionality.


“EEnterprise devices powered by Numo include ultra low-cost virtual desktop thin clients, cloud-based workstations, network monitors, and mobile devices such as netbooks, notebooks, smartbooks and tablets. 

“Consumer devices powered by Numo will include smart TV’s, cable and satellite set-top boxes, media players and ebooks. Numo lets each of these devices, optionally operating with Android 2.1 as the resident Operating System, access the web while also functioning as if they were rich multimedia-enabled Windows or Linux PCs.”

Numo is a highly integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) with a dual-core ARM CPU and embedded media processors that support dynamic bandwidth management. 

The SoC also features multiple protocols and codecs, including UXP and H.264, along with a Windows-compliant graphics subsystem and a comprehensive complement of device interfaces for graphics, serial, parallel, USB, SD, I2S and I2C.