Alleged Blackberry OS 6 screenshots hit the ‘Net

Blackberry Leaks has obtained a number of images that appear to depict an unknown device running OS 6.0.

“These spy shot images come highly regarded as real from one our best connects. We’re hoping to see it soon on a physical device (maybe the slider?) and so until then take from it what you will,” wrote LouiV of BB Leaks.

“From what we can see, it appears that Research In Motion may have a competing OS against the likes of Google Android; making use of widgets. It will be interesting to see if a device will soon surface with this OS to give it more confirmation…From what we’ve seen and know, it is obvious RIM is at least moving in a forward direction.”

However, Engadget’s Thomas Ricker cautioned readers against getting “too worked up” over the alleged Blackberry 6 pictures. 

“It’s worth noting the bizarre similarities between these grabs (San Francisco, the weather widget colors, Haiti tweet, and font) and the slide pulled from that “Super Apps” developer webinar back in February – images that RIM called nothing more than mockups of nothing important at the time,” opined Ricker. 

“Still with a consumer-focused, BlackBerry slider rumored to be making its first appearance next month at RIM’s own WES show, well, who knows. Really, does anybody know?”