Air Hogs prep $65 spy drone for Fall launch

Air Hogs is preparing to launch a $65 ‘chopper spy drone in Fall 2010. 

The aircraft – dubbed “Hawk Eye” – is capable of snapping hundreds of photos at a resolution of 640×480 or capturing 5 minutes of video at 320×240.

“The Hawk Eye can also be connected directly to your PC for transferring the videos and while you’re doing that the helicopter also charges, so you can kill two birds with one stone and be back in the air in no time,” explained Andrew Liszewski of OhGizmo.

“It also comes with a 2-channel remote of course, letting you control altitude and spin the chopper left or right, and start/stop the video recording or snap photos.”

So what can the drone be used for?

Well, as Liszewski points out, the ‘chopper is definitely “good enough” to capture the annoyed reactions of visiting family and friends.

True that.

But we imagine the “Hawk Eye” will also be quite a popular hit amongst geeky voyeurs hoping to spy on their favorite MILF’s from above at suburban pool parties.

Hey, we’re just sayin’ what everyone else is thinking.