Report: Google smartwatch equipped with a 280x280px display

When Google finally debuts its smartwatch, it will be joining a hyper-competitive space filled with similar devices from other companies.

Worse for Mountain View, Apple hasn’t even launched its long-awaited (presumably iOS) smartwach, and when it does, the status quo will forever be changed. 

Although Google has yet to officially confirm any specs, @evleaks claims the wearable device will be built by LG and feature a 1.65 inch, 280 x 280 pixel IPS LCD display, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of built-in storage.

Unfortunately, @evleaks seems to have omitted additional critical information, such as OS/UI (presumably Android), processor and how the smartwatch will be paired with phones, tablets and other devices.

As Liliputing’s Brad Linder notes, most smartwatches, including those from Pebble, Samsung, and Sony are designed to be smartphone companions, allowing users to view and respond to notifications without taking the phone out of pockets, purses or backpacks.

“Some also use your phone’s Internet connection to power third-party apps for weather updates and other info-at-a-glance,” said Linder. “And some smartwatches even let you make phone calls by acting as Bluetooth headsets for your phone.”

It’s obviously too early to know for certain what the Google smartwatch will look like, but as Linder points out, it will probably act more like a Pebble (companion device) than an Omate watch (smartphone replacement).