Video: Plug wants to be the brain of your devices

CGC has introduced the Plug, a small adapter designed to act like a central “brain” across multiple devices.

“Today, most people have files everywhere. They have one content, but multiple devices. So they spend a lot of time just figuring out where are their documents. And they keep moving their files to-and-from tiny Cloud folders,” a CGC rep explained in a recent Kickstarter post.

“So we decided to solve this problem, from its root. We redesigned the way your devices store data, from the ground up. And we’ve built Plug. With Plug, your devices work as a group. They all contain exactly the same files. Just like if they were one single, unique device.”

This means you can:

  • Play with exactly the same content at all times, no matter which device you’re using.
  • Put thousands of movies on your iPad, even if you bought a small one.
  • Watch family pictures on your connected TV, without having to transfer them.
  • Share confidential folders with your colleagues without sending them to the Cloud companies.
  • Send documents instantaneously. 

“With Plug, your devices are a team. They do not keep any content for themselves anymore. All your documents, music, pictures and videos are stored in the same place.

“So your iPhone contains exactly the same things as your laptop, even if it doesn’t have the same size. Your devices are just like frames, through which you can see exactly the same content, at all times. Your content is unique again,” the CGC rep added.

It should be noted that the Plug has already managed to raise $270,000 from over 3,000 backers.