Report: Google eyes Android smart watch and game console

Mountain View is reportedly preparing to launch an Android-powered smartwatch along with a dedicated game console.

According to AppleInsider and the Wall Street Journal, the devices are meant to counter Cupertino’s imminent entrance into the wearable computing and gaming markets.

“The sources say Google’s move is something of a precautionary measure, as the search giant believes Apple may be working on adding game capabilities to its Apple TV set-top device and to roll out an iOS-compatible watch in the coming year,” explained AppleInsider’s Kevin Bostic.

“Apple has seemed to inch closer to the gaming segment in recent months and a number of sources speculate that the company could open up the APIs on the Apple TV to allow it to function as a gaming device. Most recently, the company began working with Logitech and Moga on game controllers compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch.”

Of course, if Google’s console was to actually hit the market, it would be forced to share the rapidly evolving space with the Ouya, GameStick and a plethora of Android-powered PCs-on-a-stick capable of streaming video, running apps and playing games. Frankly, the Android console market is somewhat crowded already, so one can’t help but wonder if an official Google gaming system actually makes any real sense (or cents) for Mountain View.