Check out this 3D thumb-powered mouse

Laptop/tablet combos are all the rage, ushering in a new trend of touchscreen computers. But for those who haven’t upgraded, the computer mouse is still the navigation tool du jour.

When you think about it, mouse design really hasn’t changed much over the decades. Sure we have more ergonomic and wireless options but they’re still basically the box-n-wheel that early adopters marveled at back in the 1960’s.

Leave it to a Kickstarter project to propose the first truly high-tech upgrade to the beloved mouse. The aptly named Innovation Developments LLC is raising money for the Mycestro: a 3D mouse that fits on the index finger and allows you to control your computer with hand gestures and mouse functions.

The Mycestro is worn on the index finger almost like a thimble, and is operated by touching your thumb to the sensitive panel on the side, and simply moving your finger in the direction you want the cursor to travel. To make selections, release the touch panel and then tap it again on the left, middle or right button section. The 3D mouse also enables users to personalize programmable gesture commands in addition to the usual mouse functions, such as a flick or swipe movements, explains Gizmag.

Mycetro’s patent-pending technology means you’ll never have to cram your mouse onto a tiny cafe table or (even worse) airplane tray again. You’ll also never have to worry about giving yourself carpal tunnel with the click-hold-swipe functionality of most laptop mousepads. And, because the Mycestro charges via USB, you can eliminate wasteful batteries and possibly power it completely via renewable sources.

The Kickstarter campaign is already well past its goal, but you can still get your fingers on one of the first Mycestros to hit the market by donating $79.

* Beth Buczynski, EarthTechling