PC gaming hardware market rebounds

The recession appears to be slowly winding down, with enthusiasts and performance class PC gamers shelling out the big bucks (over $1,000) for rigs and accessories.

“[There are new] chips from AMD, Intel, and Nvidia, new machines from Alienware, HP, Lenovo and others, components and accessories from companies like ASUS, EVGA, Corsair, Logitech, and MadCatz,” explained senior Jon Peddie (JPR) gaming analyst Ted Pollak. 

[“There are also] new games in the pipe like Far Cry 3, BioShock Infinite, Crysis 3, ARMA 3, rFactor 2, and Interstellar Marines. The financial engine of the world’s most elite gaming platform is fully fueled and will drive the global market to $32 billion by 2015.”

According to Pollak, hardware suppliers are gearing up for the expected wave of hardcore gaming with new machines, Ultra HD and 120 HZ stereo3D capable displays, super power supplies, sound systems, cases, cooling, high performance memory, SSDs, keyboards and mice.

Although average selling prices for some components could suffer as competition heats up in 2013, unit shipments are projected to rise, with components like SSDs counterbalancing and buoying system integrated and DIY ASPs.

“We are witnessing the market morph and grow into different areas. This has always been a strong point of PC gaming; the ability to adapt to different entertainment environments and requirements,” said Pollak. 

“The hobbyist aspect of the DIY market is driving billions in component sales and small form factor rigs are being hooked up to HDTVs, essentially being used as ‘super consoles.'”

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, JPR president Jon Peddie noted that China’s internet café’s are driving “incredible demand” for mainstream and some performance class gaming equipment in Asia. 

However, the market for individually owned performance and enthusiast class equipment has become serious business there as well, with a very strong trend for custom and DIY builds.

Peddie added that while PC gaming use of Microsoft Kinect is still in its infancy, the device will likely find “interesting application” in the coming years if it is combined with the creative passion of PC developers and modders.