Logitech touts Solar Keyboard Folio for Apple’s iPad

It wasn’t long ago that Logitech unveiled its Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for Apple’s new iPad.

Yet the company has already rolled out another iPad accessory dubbed the Solar Keyboard Folio. The new solar-powered keyboard will work with the iPad 2 and the new iPad as well. Aside from that, it’s much like any other keyboard folio on the market with the ability to prop the screen at two different angles.

The keyboard connects to the tablet via Bluetooth 3.0 and rather than having batteries you need to replace or charge, Logitech’s latest iPad keyboard generates its  power from the sun.

Apparently, the Keyboard Folio requires such a minor amount of power that it can charge from ambient light in an office or room as well as lamplight. Logitech claims an internal battery- when fully charged – stores enough power to operate the keyboard for weeks or even months in complete darkness.

When you close the new folio it automatically places the iPad into sleep mode – just like Apple’s own smart cover. When the folio is opened, the iPad will automatically turn on. The small solar panels on the keyboard required to gather power are located on the back of the device, and only take up about a quarter of the space available.

Logitech designed the device to prop the iPad in two different ways. With the screen propped up for typing, the Folio functions like any other keyboard. When a user puts the iPad in position number two for multimedia, some of the keys on the keyboard allow the control of iPad media with buttons for volume along with pause and play.

The keyboard boasts 64 keys in US layout and measures 428 x 17.8 x 253 mm, weighing at 460 g without the iPad. Logitech is slated to ship the Solar Keyboard Folio this month for $129.99, and you can pre-order now.