This gaming laptop is liquid cooled

Asetek has debuted a liquid cooling platform for gaming laptops, portable workstation grade systems and all All-In-One (AIO) PCs.

As Asetek rep Ole Madsen points out, the fundamental challenge in cooling laptops and AIO PCs is the lack of space for a proper thermal system. 

Consequently, he says, most previous attempts at liquid cooling laptops have offered no performance improvement over traditional heat-pipe based heat sinks.

“[However], we have successfully cracked the code of improving acoustic and thermal performance in a notebook without increasing the form factor,” explained Madsen.

“Our patent protected technology allows better utilization of the thermal modules used to cool the CPU and GPUs. That, along with our optimized coldplate technology enables the use of much more powerful hardware than air cooling could ever allow.”

In the video above, you can see Asetek showcase its new technology in an Alienware M18x notebook with the CPU overclocked from 3.5GHz to 4.4Ghz and the GPUs overclocked from 680Mhz to 800Mhz. 

The M18x also apparently managed to achieve a 23% improvement in Futuremark’s 3D Mark Vantage benchmark – all while reducing the noise output of the stock air-cooled laptop.