5 Tips to Improve the Performance of Your MacBook Pro

Surely you have heard many times that the performance of a Mac computer is better than that of a Windows PC and that it is not necessary to worry about viruses and other malware.

In a way this is true, although not 100%. A Mac, like any other computer, can suffer from virus attacks and, in addition, the passage of time and daily use can cause the performance of the computer to fall. That is why it is important to perform optimization maintenance on the equipment from time to time.

Then we leave you with five simple tips that will help you optimize the performance of your Mac and control that everything is working as it should. Do you have problems with your MacBook Pro, Air, iMac or another Mac? Do you want to know how to improve performance of your Mac? Well this will help you.

5 tips that will help your MacBook Pro to have better performance:

1. Clean the hard drive

When the Mac’s RAM is full, the hard drive is used to store certain data. Because of this, having the hard drive too full can affect the performance of the computer.

Remove all the files you do not really need, try to move external files to external hard drives and uninstall all the programs you do not use. This will help you free up disk space and improve and optimize the overall performance of the computer.

Also, it is not a bad idea to pass an application that reviews all the files on your hard drive and shows you the ones you can eliminate without fear. Good software of this type is CleanMyMac 3, which you can combine with Gemini 2 to help you locate duplicate files that are occupying double (or triple …) space on your hard drive for no reason.

2. Monitor the running applications

Applications are usually one of the most common causes of performance problems on any computer. There are times when an application starts doing what it should not and consumes too many resources from our Macintosh.

If you suspect that this may be what happens on your computer, you can use the Activity Monitor (it’s in Applications – Utilities). This small application, will give you information about the use of CPU, memory and other data of each app running on the computer.

If you see that one is consuming too much memory or too much CPU percentage, the problem may be there.

3. Applications that run in the login

With the passage of time it is possible that you install many programs. Some of them you will use very often, but there are others that surely do not.

The problem is that many applications include some item in the login and this, in the long run, can make logging into the Mac become an ordeal due to the huge waiting time and the amount of resources that will be handled without really be necessary

To check what items you have at the start of your user account you must go to System Preferences – Users and Groups. Right above the profile picture there are two tabs, one is called Start. When you click on it, you will see all the items that are executed at the beginning of the session and you can eliminate those that you do not want by using the minus (-) button that appears a little below the list.

4. Clear the cache

The cache memory of web browsers can occupy a good amount of hard disk space and, as we mentioned in the first point, this is not too advisable.

It eliminates the cache and the cookies of the browsers that you use from time to time are a task that you should do in a habitual way. Each browser requires following different steps, but in any it is a very simple process.

To clean all the caches more easily, you can turn once again to CleanMyMac.

5. Update your Mac

If after doing all the previous tasks and even reinstalling the operating system from scratch, you still notice that the performance of the computer is low, maybe it’s time to update the Mac with new hardware .

An expansion of RAM memory or the replacement of a hard disk by an SSD can make our Mac have a new life and its performance increases in a very important way.

With these little tricks that we have known thanks to Mac Tricks and Tips, you will surely get much more performance from your Mac thanks to optimization. Do not forget, just like any other computer, Macs need some maintenance and these points are basic.

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