GreenPeace criticizes iPad’s large carbon footprint

GreenPeace has expressed its concern over the iPad’s rather potentially large carbon footprint.

According to the environmental organization, the launch of “quintessential” cloud computing devices such as Apple’s iPad could contribute to a “much larger” carbon footprint than previously estimated.

However, GreenPeace emphasized that it was not “picking” on Apple or “dissing” the iPad.

“But maybe someone can come up with an app that calculates the carbon footprint of using different web sites based on their location and energy deals,” GreenPeace suggested in an official statement.

“Apple is the master of promotion, and while we marvel at the sleek unpolluted design of the iPad, we need to think about where this is all leading and how like all good surfers we can make sure our environment stays clean and green.”

The organization also reiterated that the IT sector had the undisputed ability to help “combat” climate change by innovating to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency.

“Technologies that enable smart grids, zero emission buildings and more efficient transport systems are key to cutting climate change pollution. But, given the current expansion in cloud computing, the IT industry also needs to get its own carbon footprint under control.

“[So], we are calling on IT industry giants to put their might behind government policies that give priority grid access for renewable sources like wind and solar energy. IT companies should also support economy-wide climate and energy policies around the world that peak climate emissions by 2015.”