Google will let you compare phone specs in search

When you want to buy a phone, you might do a search online, compare phone specs before you make a purchase, right? Well, what if you could just enter the name of two phones into Google and generate spec comparisons for these two phones? Will you visit any review site again? Case closed. That’s what Google seems to be testing – giving you reviews of two devices in a search.

Google is discretely testing a new smartphone comparison feature on its search engine. The feature is not yet available for everyone, but it could be very useful for buyers (especially for those who want to compare different models of a phone or different devices altogether before making a purchase)

According to the Android Police website, the tech giant has added this feature to a few users as part of a test, but there might be a future rollout of the entire feature.

How the Google Comparison is done

To compare two models, simply enter the names of these models into Google’s search field, separated by “vs”, and you will get a comparison of these two models. Remember, however, that because this is a test, it is unlikely that the comparison chart will appear on every screen.

Apart from showing the comparison between these two models in a tabular form, there is also a mode where the search engine can highlight the specific differentiating factors of the phones, giving you a better view of what to choose.

If Google decides to deploy this new feature after the test, it could help smartphone buyers to make better choices. Though this functionality will not immediately take away the traffic of mobile phone reviewers, it will, for some months to come, reduce traffic on many mobile phone review sites.

For now, it is also unclear whether Google will extend the functionality to other types of products or whether it will be limited to smartphones. Additionally, it seems the test is currently centered on only devices that run the Android operating system.