Google snubs Apple with web-based iPhone Voice app

Google has launched a mobile web version of its popular Voice application for the iPhone and Palm Web OS devices.

The web-based Voice app allows the Mountain View-based company to effectively bypass Apple’s previous decision to reject, or perpetually review, the native iPhone iteration of the program.

According to Google spokesperson Michael Van Ouwerkerk, the latest version of Voice is “powered” by HTML 5, which facilitates the optimal execution of rich web-based applications “right in the browser.”

“In addition to letting you access a streamlined version of your Google Voice inbox, the new web app also lets you display your Google Voice number as the outbound caller ID (so return calls come back to your Google Voice number),” said Van Ouwerkerk.

“[You can also] send and receive text messages for free, and place international calls at Google Voice’s low rates.”

It should be noted that Google’s decision to launch a web-based version of its Voice app only underscores the growing tension between the corporate behemoths. 

Indeed, as TG Daily previously reported, the two companies have stepped up their competition in several markets, including the crowded mobile space.

For example, Apple reporteldy kicked off negotiations with Microsoft to replace Google as the default search engine on its popular iPhone.

In addition, Google’s Nexus One and accompanying Android operating system now contends with the iPhone and its native OS.

“Apple and Google know the other is their primary enemy,” an anonymous source told BusinessWeek. “Microsoft is a pawn in that battle.”