Google grovels over Nexus One SNAFUs

They say that after roses, roses there come thorns, thorns. And that’s certainly been the case with Google’s Nexus One experience.

After a deluge of complaints from disappointed customers – many of which moan about problems getting 3G coverage – Google has swallowed its pride and apologized.

The firm told Information Week today that it was attempting to fix problems its customers have and to be as “open and transparent as possible”.

But being an internet company, it’s keen to do so on its online forums. A bit of metal, plastic and a heap of semiconductors doesn’t necessarily lend itself to that model.

The $529 Google Nexus is suffering from similar problems to those experienced by iPhone users. 3G coverage can be a little patchy anywhere in the world. And that makes those 3G dongles for your PC a little dicey as well.

WiMAX anyone? The Information Week gas is here.