Galaxy Tab hits T-Mobile at cheapest yet, $400

Sprint and Verizon’s launch plans have been confirmed for Samsung’s hopeful iPad killer, and now we’re getting a look at what T-Mobile plans to do with the little device.

But get this – it’s even more expensive than the versions Sprint and Verizon are getting. And those were already pretty expensive. Yes, the T-Mobile Galaxy Tab appears to have a list price of $750, although Amazon is selling it for $700.

That high price may be just a way for T-Mobile to encourage 3G data subscribers, though. Apparently, if you sign up for a two-year data service contract on the device, it’ll only cost you $400. That makes it the cheapest subsidized price we’ve yet to see. Sprint is selling the gadget for $600 standalone, or $500 with a contract subsidy. Verizon is selling it for $600 flat for month-to-month service, with no subsidies offered.

$400 is kind of the price we were expecting for the Galaxy Tab from day one. That would make it significantly cheaper than the iPad, with 3G access, and could offer a good value proposition for consumers.

The Galaxy Tab is smaller than the iPad and doesn’t have nearly the app repertoire as Apple’s product. However, it does have USB input, the ability to view Flash content, and 3G access in every model.

The cheapest iPad is $500, but that version only has Wi-Fi access and no 3G. With a subsidized price of $400, T-Mobile is becoming the frontrunner for Galaxy Tab adoption.

Samsung has said from day one that it wants the Galaxy Tab to be available for every major mobile carrier. We’ve yet to hear about AT&T’s plans.