Apple gives Europeans a lie-in

If Apple’s actions over the last month are anything to go by, Americans could have a good excuse for turning up late to work next Monday after the clocks have been put back.

The clocks changed this weekend across Europe, and all over the continent bleary-eyed workers have been staggering in an hour late, thanks to an iPhone bug. Although the phone’s clock has changed to reflect the time change, the alarm has not.

But it seems that Apple employees may want their lie-in too, as they have apparently known about the bug for nearly a month and have done nothing to fix it.

In the southern hemisphere, of course, the clocks change in the other direction, and when Australia put them forward three weeks ago iPhone users found themselves being woken up an hour earlier than they expected. Some reported that their alarms didn’t go off at all. The same thing was reported by many users in New Zealand, too.

The Sydney Morning Herald polled its readers and found that more than half of iPhone users had experienced the bug.

The bug only affects recurrent alarms – those set go off at the same time every day – on iOS 4.1 phones. The next update, to iOS 4.2, is expected any day now, so it’s possible that a fix may be released in time for the US.

If Apple doesn’t do anything to fix it in the next week, the solution is to either delete the recurring alarm and create a new one for an hour earlier, or start setting the alarm manually every day.

For those with gullible bosses, next Tuesday might be a good time to do it.