Flash runs on iPhone 4. Say wha?

The latest mobile version of Adobe Flash is now available on the iPhone 4. Before you go out and start murdering someone, it’s only a hack, and a very rough one at that.

A hacker has done what should have been impossible and brought Flash video capabilities to the iPhone 4, and he posits that it will work on iPhone 3GS and the iPad as well. The so-called “Frash” player will obviously only work if the user’s device is jailbroken, and even then the installation is a reportedly tricky affair.

Apple has made an iron-clad stand against the online standard and is almost singlehandedly pushing Flash into obsolescence. It has instead brought the rise of HTML5, a competing online video standard that is more amenable to its mobile platforms. Online behemoths like Youtube have also embraced HTML5.

Frash cannot run complex Flash animations, like those embedded on the full HTML version of Youtube, but it is able to execute simple animations in its very infant-like form.

The Register reports that Frash’s installation file notes it as version 0.02, making it an extremely early build that brings substantial risks to those who would venture to download it. But it is available for those who dare try.

Anyone else looking for a true Flash experience on a mobile phone should turn to Sprint’s Evo 4G phone, which can run just about any Flash application at full strength.