Fiver Simple Steps To Do Steam Carpet Cleaning

Who does not want their home to be commendable? I guess no one. Everyone likes their things to be in perfect order. Obviously you would want your house in a tip-top condition. You would want all angles of your house to be visually appealing. There are different strands of the place we reside in and we put in all of our efforts to make it flawless. One of the aspects is carpet maintenance. Nothing can be more welcoming to guests than a clean and tidy aromatic carpet. Generally after hectic week days our homes are a complete mess. Carpets turn smelly and dirty specially if there is a pet dwelling. You could hire a professional to clean over your house along with the carpets, but it is not a tough task to do. You adopt steam carpet cleaning to make your carpets look fresh. Along with the detergents, steam or hot water washes away all the stains on your carpets. Below are the ways in which you can steam clean your carpet before calling your guests for a lunch or dinner on the weekend:


You need to vacuum thoroughly before steam cleaning your carpet. You need to clear the surface that is going to be cleaned completely. Remove all the furniture or at least pick up smaller movable objects and shift them to other storage. Make sure you do the dusting properly so that all the dust falls down the carpet and goes along with the vacuum. Once all the preparations are made, vacuum the carpet in all directions to clean the carpet properly.

2.Stain Treatment

Once the soot and dust is removed, you need the remove the stains. If the spot stays in the carpet for a longer period of time, it will change into an irremovable permanent stain. So before happening that, smudge the stains properly to remove them. Use stain removers for your assistance. Make sure that you do not make the carpet wet excessively. Once done, prepare the room for actual steam cleaning. If you have not removed the furniture completely, cover it with some material to protect your furniture from absorbing any moisture.

3.Prepare the Steam Cleaner

You will want your steam cleaner to remove as much soil and water from the carpet to make it look new and fresh. Timing of steam cleaning is also important. Do not pick a humid season or else the carpet will take time to dry itself. The cleaning solution used should not be excessively powerful. Once you have filled the carpet cleaner with hot water and shampoo, add cleaning solution to the carpet. Let the solution soak in the carpet adequately.

4.Steam Clean your Carpets

Choose an appropriate starting point first. Initiate with cleaning the area that is furthest from the doorway and then move back so that you do not step on the cleaned carpet. Clean up almost all of the carpet cleaning solution. Solution basically helps the dirt to form into clusters making it easier to clean. Make sure you go over the solution several times in case you do not even slightest portion of it.

5.Rinse and Dry

You can clean the carpet with plain water and make sure that all of the solution is extracted. Once all the solution have been extracted, dry your carpet. This is why choosing the correct time is important. You can use dehumidifiers to accelerate the process of drying. You do not want your carpet to be wet for a long time as it will turn them smelly. Once it is dry, you can put all your furniture in place again.