Five Things to Consider for WordPress Themes

WordPress is used widely for many purposes, but especially for blogging purposes and for small business owners. When previously people had to work very hard for finding the best platform for these purposes, WordPress has put people to ease. WordPress themes and plugins are downloadable for free or for a small price for every purpose a person may need them for. For example, websites that show news items can download premium WordPress magazine themes and newer users or those people that are just startups for now can use other sources of obtaining free WordPress themes. People who are new users of WordPress need to take into consideration some factors before choosing the perfect theme for their websites.

Design is primary

The most important thing to consider before applying a theme to your website is its design. The visual layout matters because we need the material we are portraying to give the look that is most suitable for it. Another thing we must consider in the design is its responsiveness. The best WordPress themes are suitable to work on all types of screens, not just computer screens. The fonts and widgets must also compliment the design and should not stand out inappropriately. The best designs are the simplest ones. If the theme is cluttered with various fonts and buttons, you will get confused and aggravated.

Make it suitable

The visuals of the theme are usually the first aspect of a website that attract the viewers. Always make sure that the theme you are using is appropriate for the kind of material you are portraying. For example, a glittery and bright theme would not work for a website that publishes scientific news, the same way a sober theme would not work for a blog that is intended for teenage girls.

Maintenance is necessary

This is something a comments section would help with, but it is paramount to ensure that the theme you are using is regularly updated according to the fashion of the time, and the bugs are removed before more people quit its use. It is not possible to keep using the same theme forever but it is necessary to maintain a layout for the longest time possible and that cannot be done if the theme is not regularly upgraded.


Good WordPress themes always have certain customization options. These include changing the font, choices between the layouts of widgets and buttons, or the color scheme that is default. For this purpose it is ideal to know a bit of coding yourself, because sometimes even the most perfect of themes do not have the most appropriate customization.

Few bugs

One more thing to lookout for is the amount of bugs in the coding of the theme. For this purpose, you should always consider using themes from sources that are reliable. You do not want to download a theme and especially pay for it only to find out that it is full of bugs, unresponsive, and shows errors after any function is used.