3 Reasons Why Your Phone Number Could Be Impacting Your Online Reputation

A few years ago what you did on the Internet in your free time was mostly irrelevant to your employees, employers, clients, friends and your family. It suddenly became relevant with the increase in search, social media and digital footprints. Suddenly, those Facebook rants, ugly photos, forum comments and more are nightmares waiting to not only ruin your life but your online reputation. Now, more than ever your online reputation is not just about you keeping the door closed on past demons but it’s about making yourself look as confident and professional as possible.

While most online reputation companies specialize, demoting negative links and in cleaning up your social media footprint, one key aspect of online reputation that is often overlooked is phone number reputation.

Your Phone Number Doesn’t Link To A Credible Company

Although phone numbers continue to be a missing aspect of online reputation, it still plays a critical role in your digital footprint. In fact, there are many companies online who have strategically linked their websites and social media sites to phone numbers so if you Google a particular phone number it automatically links you to the company’s credible website. This makes it easier for potential customers or consumers to research the reputation and history of a phone number. One company that specializes in tracking phone number reputation and history is FoneReputation, a free online website that allows users to check a phone number so they can be more informed before they meet or do business together.

Your Phone Number Has Been Reported as Spam

If you want to know what other people say about your company or your business, Google your phone number. There are a plethora websites online designed to warn customers and consumers about spam and scam callers. If your website appears on the list of spammy phone numbers you may want to identify the root of the report and then seek to either change your phone number or change the online reputation of it. Many companies are able to quickly change the reputation of their phone numbers by simply adding their phone numbers into every place their company has a digital presence. This not only helps increases the credibility score but it helps insure that your potential clients and customers trust you and your business.

Your Phone Number Can’t Be Found

Sometime being not found is worst than being found. As a business you want to have some sort of online reputation even if it’s only a Google Plus or Facebook account. Some companies take pride in not having anything bad about them online but having something bad is actually better than having nothing at all. If your clients are unable to see that you are a real business, with real interaction not only will they not buy from you but your trustworthiness with them goes out the window.

We live in a digital age and now more than ever making sure that you can be found easily online is the ingredient you need to have a successful business on and offline. Again, if for some reason your phone number can’t be found consider adding your phone number to a Google Plus Page, Google Maps or even Facebook or Twitter that way people can see that your business does exist and that you all are not just another scam waiting to prey on it’s next pawn.

What ways has your phone number’s reputation harmed your business? Are there ways you have seen it improve it? We want to hear all about it! Leave your comments below.