Five Best iPhone Apps For Protection

An iPhone, just like any other cell phone or personal gadget, has a lot of information stored on it which demands a certain degree of protection. While using the iOS if there is a feeling of insecurity or a possibility of theft of sensitive information, or if you are just concerned about protection because of obvious reasons, then the following are some of the best applications to help you in fulfilling your purpose.


Perhaps the most famous app for protection in iPhones of all times, the app offers the feature of being used for the generation of passwords which are great in strength and difficulty. The main purpose is basically encryption of sensitive date through passwords. The management of the app is really easy and the app can be obtained for everyday security for a very reasonable price of 10 USD.


This is a tracking software that uses your account on to locate your iPhone in case of an unwanted happening such as the phone being misplaced. This application not only makes it easier to locate your iPhone by giving you the option of sending a message or call through your online account, but by saving the location of the phone when it is switched off or runs out of battery. Additionally, the application also keeps a backup of all your contact in case of immediate need, so essentially the application is like your very own digital assistant!

Foscam surveillance pro

Not only can your iPhone protect itself by the usage of apps, it can also be used as a monitor of happenings inside your home or office while you are away! The need for this app is the purchase of Foscam cameras that you can fit inside the place you want to keep an eye on while you are away and the phone can receive live transmissions from those cameras with the help of the Foscam surveillance pro app. The versatility of the iPhone, where it is possible to iPhone spy without access and use it for spying yourself, is very unique.


Signal is a wonderful application for people who are conscious about who their voice and messages are reaching. This app provides end-to-end encryption for all information that is sent through it, meaning that a third party cannot easily tap into the communication channel and retrieve information without the consent of the two parties exchanging information. In addition, the application can also identify the degree of safety of the communication channel you are using and can also check for the identity of the person you are contacting.


When a person is in dire need of perfectly guaranteed protection form online web traffic and can afford the luxury, he/she should opt for ExpressVPN! With a 30 day money back guarantee, the application allows access to sites such as Netflix and credibly encrypts information ensuring great reliability. These features make it a better application than all its counterparts.