Lighting affects productivity – How to ensure maximum productivity with best lighting

There can indeed be a wide range of factors which can have a positive impact on the productivity of the employees who come to work in your office. But in recent years, there are lot of employers who make the mistake of overlooking office space lighting. As per recent reports, lighting inside office premises can have both positive and negative impact on the usual productivity of human resource and performance of an individual in his workplace.

In fact, a research done by the American Society of Interior Design revealed that at least 70% of the employees in America are not satisfied with the lighting inside the offices they work. The ultimate principle to be followed by the employers is not too bright and not too dim lighting. But how many are able to follow this rule? Very few! With the digital lighting systems available in the market and with a smart approach towards interior designing, you can create a comfortable and productive environment. Let’s take a look at few tips.

Few best lighting options inside offices

For majority of the employers, settling down with the best lighting option at office is a Herculean task as they’re entirely ignorant on what to do and what not to do. The ideal option is undoubtedly natural light but in situations when it can’t be applicable, the following features should help you decide the kind of lighting.

  • Temperature: The levels of temperature emitted by different lamps will vary. Hence it is recommended that you choose a lamp with generates minimum to no temperature at all. This can improve productivity in the long run.
  • Brightness: Moderation is the rule of the thumb when it comes to office lighting. Go for something that’s not too bright and not too dim. One more important factor to consider is illumination and you should conduct preliminary tests on the effect of a specific lighting system on your office employees before implementing them.
  • Surface and wall color: The surface in the office and the colors of the wall can also have a positive influence on the lighting. The employers should choose lighting systems which collaborate with the colors of the wall so that the illumination level is not so bright and not too dim.

Few common mistakes to avoid by employers

Employers often make mistakes while choosing the office lights and this is the main reason behind so many unsatisfied employees. Here are few that you should avoid.

  • Flickers: Lights which keep flicking are definitely not designed for offices and hence they should never be chosen for your office. They have a detrimental impact on the concentration level of the employees and they can even be the cause of severe headache.
  • Dearth of uniformity: Office lighting should be uniform, so much so that every square meter gets a uniform share of light.

As we see, office lighting is a vital factor of employees’ productivity and so it is a dire responsibility of every employer to ensure that the office is well lit and is also comfortable for all employees alike.