First photos of global Droid 2 surface

The new version of the Droid 2, which will be able to make calls to and from places outside North America, is real, and these pictures prove it.

Rumors of a “worldphone” version of the Droid 2 have been circulating ever since internal Verizon documents showed a device called the Droid Pro. It was quickly determined that a brand new Droid wasn’t in the works and instead the new model name probably referred to an enhanced version of the Droid 2.

That speculation has hit a fever pitch today, as has posted the first published pictures of what it claims is the Droid Pro. Droid-Life refers to the device as the Droid 2 Global; an official name hasn’t been announced.

Because the Droid family has been exclusive to Verizon, in the US they have been relegated to proprietary CDMA networks, which provide strong reception in North America but becomes completely unusable overseas.

The new Droid will reportedly still use CDMA connections when in the US but it will also be able to tap into global networks when outside the country.

The Droid Pro, or Droid 2 Global, indeed has the exact same form factor as the Droid 2 but it does have a slightly different color.

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