Fewer people want iPhone, more want Android

Compared to this time last year, consumer taste is exceedingly leaning toward Google’s mobile OS.

Market research giant Nielsen conducted a survey between July 2010 and September 2010, asking respondents how interested they were in buying an Android phone, an iOS phone, a Blackberry, etc.

At that time, 33% said they wanted an iOS device and only 26% were interested in Android.

The group repeated the study over the first three months of 2011, and now Android tops iOS. In this most recent survey, the number of people who wanted an iPhone dropped to 30%, while those who fancied Android soared to 31%.

Meanwhile, during the same time frame, interest in every other platform fell. Blackberry dropped from 13% to 11%, Windows Phone went from 7% to 6%, and WebOS interest was halved from 2% to 1%.

In other words, across the board, consumers are losing interest in every mobile platform except for Android. That’s a pretty good story for Google.

However, an interesting caveat is that the number of people who are simply unsure what mobile OS is their top pick, also grew.

Last year, 18% said they were not sure what mobile platform they wanted on their next phone. Now, it’s 20%.