Facetime video chat coming to camera-equipped iPad, iPod Touch

With the potential sweeping recall dominating iPhone 4 news, the good features on the phone are getting overlooked, like the Wi-Fi video chat app Facetime. Now, that app is coming to the next generation of iPad and iPod Touch.

Both of the devices currently have no built-in cameras, which is why Facetime is exclusive to the iPhone at this point. However, the next round of the non-phone gadgets are reported to come with a digital camera.

Tech blog Boy Genius Report claims to have inside info that, along with the the camera, the next generation of iPad and iTouch will get the same video chat capabilities as the iPhone 4.

The iPad currently has the same processor as the iPhone 4, and the next iPod Touch should as well.

Video calls don’t run over the mobile calling network on the iPhone 4; it’s done through Wi-Fi, so all users need is an Apple ID and an Internet connection.