Samsung’s world’s thinnest Blu-ray 3D player

Samsung always has a lot to show at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, but one of the most eye-popping things will be its introduction of the world’s sleekest Blu-ray 3D player.

Measuring in at just 23 millimeters thick, the player is just barely big enough to have a disc drive and HDMI output port. Samsung has been able to practically halve the size of its Blu-ray players in the span of just one year.

Samsung, the market leader in the current stereoscopic 3D standard, has sold more Blu-ray 3D players than any other manufacturer. It has thus been the leader in research and development of the standard.

The new, super slim Blu-ray 3D player will actually be able to mount to the wall, and like all Samsung 3D products, it can convert 2D content to 3D in real-time. It also packs in the company’s suite of TV apps like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, and Netflix.

Earlier this year, Samsung’s Blu-ray 3D players reached a minimum thickness of 29 millimeters, and in 2009 its slimmest Blu-ray device was around 34 millimeters. It has done a lot to make its products really sleek and slim. Its most advanced line of 3D TVs, for example, are now about the thickness of a pencil. [[Samsung]]