Angry Birds dev downplays Android fragmentation

The developer of one of Android’s most downloaded games ever has come forward to say complaining about the operating system’s “fragmentation” is nothing more than a cop out for app creators.

In a recent interview with online publication Tech ‘n Marketing, Rovio co-founder Peter Versterbacka commented on Steve Jobs’ harsh rants on the Android platform. In part, Jobs says Android is worse because there are so many handsets out there, each with different button configurations and versions of Android.

“Fragmentation on the device side is not a huge problem, but Steve is absolutely right when he says that there are more challenges for developers when working with Android,” said Vesterbacka. “But that’s fine, developers will figure out how to work any given ecosystem and as long as it doesn’t cause physical pain, it’s ok;-)”

If the creator of the most popular mobile game of the year doesn’t see a problem with Android, all those other developers, and Steve Jobs, should really stop their complaining.

Many companies with hit iPhone apps have refused to go to Android, or spend several months porting it over when it shouldn’t take nearly as long. It’s one of the biggest hurdles Google has tried to overcome.

But now, the iPhone is no longer the most popular platform on the market. Android is. And developers are slowly starting to come around. The next year will really be about Android getting the same comeuppance as the iPhone when it comes to apps and games.