How Technology Has Helped Event Planners To Provide Better Services

Many things can be said about event planning, even if people often tend to think it’s just a simple job without much skills or preparations to engage on it. The truth is that event planning requires both technique and creativity, as it’s a highly competitive industry and, perhaps, the most requested service from big corporations after cafeteria and IT services.

To reach a better position in this market, you need to put creativity to the service of innovation, always taking a step ahead and considering which aspects can be revisited or in which ways you can compel a better package for making your customers happier. On this behalf, technology is leading the path towards further career development, increasing our chances of providing an A-Star rank service.

Digital Entry Pass

Perhaps many of you can remember the times when invitations used to be sent via post mail, with the inconveniences associated with this process like delays, letters lost, and so on. Such an outdated approach for event planning seems to be crazy these days, though some corporations still prefer to send physical invitations to events through couriers along with information on the event itself.

A well-thought approach on how to optimize the delivery of invitations for corporative events has been made with the implementation of smartphones: using QR codes that can be sent either via mail or WhatsApp messages, users can approach terminals positioned at the accreditations area and simply show proof that they are actually part of the event that’s taking place. Not only companies are reducing expenses in print services, but also this avoids potential inconveniences like fake cards or gate-crashing as, for example, invitations sent through WhatsApp can only be accessed through the owner’s phone.

When putting photographers to work

One of the main advantages of social media relies on the fact that you can check the backgrounds of whoever happens to be working with you at any time you want. Not so long ago, when photography work was mainly analogue, you have to trust the reputation of the photographer that would be attending the event, or checking at albums that could or could not contain images of its ownership.

Photo courtesy of Pok Rie

Fortunately for us, we can simply look at the name of the photographer in question and then locate its digital mediums of advertisement like website, Facebook Page, Flickr or 500px profile. By looking at the amount of followers, the quality of the work done, and simple specs like camera settings used for the photo you can assume how much of the work is made by skills and how much post-production work was done (and if it was made with quality skills).

Regardless of people assuming that professional photography work isn’t needed, truth is that no one can replace the work done by a qualified photographer for an event, becoming an aspect we cannot neglect.

Using Social Media Marketing to your benefit

Another aspect worth highlighting is the impact that a well-done campaign via social media networks can do for the event we want to host. Take for granted that if your aim is to host the “party of the year” you will have to work your eyes out to keep adding engaging content that keeps people expectant of what you are going to add next, or simply cannot keep waiting for the party to start!

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Adding hashtags, crafting visually appealing images, introducing contests like: “we are giving two entries for those who…” – And at that point, you can come up with the most creative ideas you could ever think. The crazier, the better, as it will be remembered as one of the most important social events of these latest years.

By crafting a proper social media campaign you are also securing a large pool of audience to attend, it depends entirely on you whether to exploit it to make the event a success or just leave it to chance. Good luck!