Eurocrats hail single phone charger standard

The European Commission (EC) has hailed a move by cellphone manufacturers to collaborate on a single charge standard as great news for consumers. Or people as we prefer to call them.

Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Apple, LG, Samsung, Qualcomm, RIM and NEC have all agreed to implement the common charging interface, based on a micro USB connector.

The European Commission had asked for such a deal and devices using the standard are likely to appear as early as next year.

Commissioner Guenter Verheugen had argued that the multiplaction of different charging devices meant tons and tons of waste ended up in landfill every year.

He welcomed the move by the phone companies and said: “People will not have to throw away their charger whenever they buy a new phone.”

What next? Unification of bricks for PC notebooks and netbooks? We’d say that’s not outside the realms of possibility.