Exclusive: Microsoft still undecided on no-browser Win7 conundrum

Reading, England – Microsoft is still investigating how to deliver web functionality to European users of its upcoming Windows 7 OS.

When Windows 7 ships on October 22, European users will be forced to use the Win7E version, which will ship without a browser following European Union antitrust rulings. But the question of exactly how these users will be given access to the web is still under investigation, Microsoft today admitted.

A spokesperson told TG Daily: “Microsoft is looking at the best way to get a browser to Win 7 users. We are currently working through how to provide one to the end user and are working with our partners to come up with solutions that will impact the customer as little as possible whilst still complying with EU rulings.”

The question of how retail versions of Win7E will check for updates and patches during installation still remains unanswered, although the company confirmed that, even if installed after the operating system, Internet Explorer 8 would still integrate fully with the operating system. 

“IE8 will still have access to updates and patches through Windows update which will ensure users are always up to date whilst browsing the web,” added the spokesperson.

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