Essential Summer Apps and Websites

Summer is here and the beach is calling. Your phone is charged, your camera is ready and you have those essential summer songs to send you on your way. But what about those apps? That will make your vacation so much easier and free of stress.


You spend days planning and hours packing. But you always forget something. PackPoint is a fantastic app developed to help the most forgetful traveler. Just simply download the app. Enter the dates of your vacation and where you are going. Then let this genius little app suggest everything you will need. With features for adventure travelers, festival goers and parents with babies. This app is your personal packing assistant.


TripSeats helps you find those previously hidden holiday bargains. This price comparison website will do all of the hard work for you and act as your personal travel agent. Let this comparison site search the world for you and give you the best prices available.

Simply enter your desired destination and your departure point and TripSeats will instantly start working for you. Compare thousands of cheap flights and hotels worldwide in seconds. This essential summer website will give you hundreds of fantastic offers at your fingertips in seconds.


One of the most enjoyable parts of a vacation is making your friends sick with jealousy. Those beautiful beaches and delicious food all need to be shared. Instagram not only shares those holiday memories with your friends and family. But you will never lose a vacation photograph again.

Simply add a filter, tap, and share across your Instagram and Facebook network. If your phone does fall in the pool. You don’t have to worry, as all of your memories are stored.

Google Translate

Now you can take Google translate on holiday with you. This translation app has recently seen a vast improvement in quality. With more than 90 languages available. This app is essential when visiting foreign lands.

You can type, speak or draw a word into your phone. Tap “Translate” and let Google do the work for you. No more pointing and waving your hands at taxi drivers. Just speak to your phone and let the translator do the work for you.


When planning a vacation one of the first things to think of is the weather. Accuweather not only gives you real-time weather forecasting. But also gives you historical information. If you want to know how hot and sunny the month of July will be. This weather app will give you a detailed description. Helping you plan your vacation and visit places at a time of year that offers the climate you want.


This app will give you essential information about your holiday destination. By referencing the World Health Organization and the United Nations. This handy app will tell you if a place is safe. What the rates of crime are and if there are any health issues you need to know about. In this ever changing world up to the minute travel information is essential.