Epic 4G goes Froyo, finally

Continuing with Samsung’s recent history of long delays in updating its Android phones, the Epic 4G is finally getting its chance to shine with Android version 2.2, also known as Froyo.

It’s almost hard to believe, but the Epic 4G, one of Sprint’s most advanced smartphones, was still only running 2.1 until today. All other 4G Sprint phones, made by other manufacturers, have had Froyo for months.

Samsung has seemed to be the most behind the curve when it comes to updating Android. Its Galaxy S line of phones took what seemed like forever, and at some point there was even speculation that the company was purposefully withholding update files, in hopes that consumers would buy its newer, more expensive products.

Froyo has been one of the most important Android updates so far, bringing with it the addition of Flash support and the ability to use the phone as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for laptops and other devices.

Samsung’s Captivate (AT&T) and Fascinate (Verizon) are still waiting for their turn to get Froyo. More than half of all Android users are now running version 2.2, so Samsung is definitely behind.

Epic 4G owners will receive the update in a queue, instead of being massively available. So users should just be patient until they receive an update notification pushed directly to their device.