Droid X users finally get Android 2.2

Their Droid, Droid 2, and Droid Incredible brethren have been enjoying the latest Android operating system for weeks now, and finally Droid X users can download the 2.2 upgrade as Motorola just barely makes its promise of a summer rollout.

Droid X users won’t be receiving a prompt to download the update, at least not yet. Instead, they’ll need to manually go into the phone’s settings menu and check for the upgrade.

Also known as “Froyo,” Android 2.2 brings with it the ability to run unfettered Flash content on the phone’s Web browser, as well as a new feature that turns the phone into a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot over a 3G connection. Users can then connect to that hotspot on a nearby laptop or any other Internet-connected device.

Droid X customers had been wondering when they would receive the update because no one from Motorola or Verizon would comment on when specifically the download would appear.

But that’s kind of how Android 2.2 has worked up to this point. Phones have been getting the update in random order and at random times. There has not been a point where two phones got the update simultaneously and as such, it has become kind of a way to highlight every high-end Android device as they go down the line.

The Droid X garnered a media frenzy when it launched earlier this summer, with stores instantly selling out and demand far exceeding Verizon’s expectations. However, it was quickly overshadowed by the subsequent release of the Droid 2, the official successor to the #1 selling Android phone, the Droid.