13-year-old wins $50,000 texting competition

A Brooklyn teenage girl who says she sends around 6,000 text messages a month won the National Texting Championship yesterday and takes home a grand prize of $50,000.

Brianna Hendrickson thumbed her way through a verse of “Old MacDonald” on her phone keypad in 60 seconds, fast enough to beat out all the other lightning fast texters on stage.

Hendrickson reportedly burst into tears when she realized she won, exclaiming, “I never thought I would win!”

The competition was sponsored by LG and held in New York City. Teens from all over the country came to compete for their shot at $50,000. There was also a separate competition for parents. The winner of that event won only $2,500.

“It’s a completely amazing feeling,” said Hendrickson, who lives in East New York, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. In an interview with local talk show Good Day New York this morning, she said most of the money would be going to her bank account, but she plans on having some fun with it as well.

She plans on entering more texting competitions in the future as well. For now, let’s just hope her parents signed up for an unlimited texting plan.