DJI Inspire 2 Features

DJI is one of the top brands when it comes to drones. It is actually the market leader when it comes to drones. DJI released DJI Inspire in late 2014. DJI Inspire 1 is the world’s first 4K flying camera integrated with a 360-degree rotating gimbal, HD video transmission system, and an app control. DJI Inspire 2 is a better and more improved version of DJI Inspire 1. DJI Inspire 2 almost looks exactly like DJI Inspire 1 but according to DJI, it took advice from filmmakers and other operators to maximize its efficiency. It has been completely reengineered and it got the good features of DJI Inspire 1 and improved and added some cool new features. DJI Inspire 2 was first released in late 2016.

Key Features

  • Image processing system: CineCore 2.1
  • Dual battery chambers for extended flight time up to about 27 minutes with an X4S
  • Camera: can shoot in 4K and 5.2K
  • Video: recording video up to 5.2K in Apple ProRes and up to 6K in CinemaDNG/RAW when used with Zenmuse X7 camera
  • Top speed: 58 miles per hour
  • Maximum descent speed: 9 miles per second
  • Self-heating technology
  • Multiple intelligent flight modes
  • Spotlight Pro can track moving objects with accuracy
  • Contains separate first person camera mounted on the front in order for the drone operator to keep an eye where the drone is flying while the drone cinematographer can separately control the cinematic shot needed on the main camera

Features / Specs

  • Material and Design: grey magnesium-aluminum alloy shell, light weight, carbon fiber “T” junction airframe connections
  • Weight: 7.58 lbs
  • Image processing system: CineCore 2.1 (compatible with Zenmuse X5S and X4S that can be attached through a gimbal port) and
  • Storage: CINESSD Storage System, where video that is recorded can be simultaneously stored on a micro-SD card and a DJI CINESSD
  • Battery: dual battery design of 98Wh, built-in 70W self-heating system that can heat itself to 41°F per minute, battery redundancy
  • Configuration: built in 2-axis FPV camera with gimbal stabilized global shutter that has a controllable range of 0 degrees to -60 degrees, vision sensing, range of supported cameras
  • File system: FAT32/exFAT universal file system
  • Remote Controller: Lightbridge HD video transmission technology with signal frequency switching between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz
  • Remote Controller controllable range: 4.3 miles
  • Remote Controller ports: USB port, HDMI port, extension port
  • Flight Modes: Positioning or P-Mode, Sport or S-Mode, Altitude or A-Mode
  • 360° QuickSpin that can be activated either manually or automatically
  • Compatibility with DJI GO 4 app
  • H-shaped frame with 15-inch propellers
  • Air resistance reduction
  • Tripod mode
  • Visual Odometry technology that records flight path, detects changes in flight speed, and sends real-time position data to flight controller
  • Stereo vision system calculates height difference during auto landing between the aircraft’s landing point
  • Can fly up to 2500 meters above sea level
  • Can fly to a maximum of 5000 meters when using high altitude propellers
  • Can withstand temperatures as low as -4°F
  • Obstacle sensing with a field view of 54° and 60° that can sense obstacles up to 30 meters away
  • Combination of long range and wide angle view
  • Contains infrared sensors on top portion of the drone


  • It has a very good speed and it flies really fast.
  • It is very durable even with moderate wind.
  • It eliminates blurry photos because of its stabilization feature.
  • A lot of features can be controlled using the DJI GO 4 app which can be used to switch to different views, show details including battery information, show notifications once it detects a problem, adjust flight parameters, calibrate the camera, etc.
  • It can sense obstacles even while flying in enclosed spaces
  • You don’t have to worry when you lose GPS signal because with the help of VO technology, it can send the real-time position of the drone and it can hover back to its original position once the Smart Return Home feature is enabled.
  • It is durable for extreme weather conditions.
  • Its multiple intelligent flight modes makes this drone almost impossible to crash that it avoids obstacles and detects suitable landing areas.
  • The images and videos are more detailed and have more vibrant colors.


  • The propellers are made of plastic that can easily get damaged.
  • The remote does not have its own screen so it needs to be connected to a smartphone through a wired connection and you need to install the DJI GO 4 app.

  • Its amazing features come with an expensive price.


DJI Inspire 2 is a top of the line drone camera with amazing features. It is a perfect drone camera especially for professionals. It is a worthy investment for professionals. It may just be a spinoff of DJI Inspire 1 but its new and improved features outperforms DJI Inspire 1 in almost every aspect.