5 Adventurous Ways To A Blast In The Sahara Desert

Deep inside Morocco (Drea Valley region of Zagora and Tagounite) is a natural beauty called the Sahara Desert which is spared among other 10 countries. Did you know that this paradise (which takes up most of North Africa) is over 3.6 million square miles long (and is still shorter than Antarctica)? How about the fact that only two million people call the Sahara Desert home? I didn’t even know it was habitable. As if that weren’t enough, in 1922 it reached 136 degrees F.

With all that land, there’s got to be fun things you can do to have fun in the Sahara Desert, right? Let’s take a look.

1. Relaxation Spots

Through private Morocco tours, you’ll be able to visit ancient and beautifully historical man-made lakes. Several oases will let you relax and unwind at one of the many gorgeous options available to you. Whether you want to soak in all the wonders at your feet beneath the sun or go for a swim in the lakes, there’s no doubt: you will feel flabbergasted at the beauty of it all.

2. Pyramids

There are over 135 pyramids in Egypt. The Great Pyramid of Giza—which make up the famous “Great Pyramids”—was even the largest building in the world at one point. (And for good reason: it’s one of the Seven Wonders of The World.) Personally, I believe everyone has to see the pyramids at least once in their life. The Giza pyramids play host to some of the oldest cultures our world has ever known. These pyramids themselves were constructed 2560–2540 BC.

3. Quad Bikes

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of dunes and hills in the desert. (Which means no speed limits.) Whether you’re a speed freak such as myself… or simply want to feel your blood rushing as you kick a tornado of sand up in the air at speeds more than 75+ mph… or want to feel the thrill of reaching the top of one of these mountainous monsters… Quad bike rides are for you. You can even choose to go riding in dune buggies! (Did I mention there are no speed limits?)

4. Safaris

If gas-guzzling beautiful—and lightning fast—manmade machinery isn’t your thing, there are ample opportunities to go for luxurious and relaxing camel caravans and safari tours. (Keep in mind that camel riding is no easy task – and is much more difficult than riding a horse.) Throughout the adventure led by a local guide, you will stop at several homes of nomads for the night and meet many new and exciting people.

5. See The Romans’ Legacy

The Kharga Oasis plays host to the Qasr Dush – one of the most ancient architectural attractions you (or anyone) will be able to find. There’s a huge reason why you’ll find dozens of archeological sites. Built in 177 AD, it’s a Roman Fortress and is a testament to manmade beauty that’s stood the test of time.


And those are just popular tourism spots. If you truly want to get into the heart and soul of Egypt, the Sahara Desert, Morocco, Cairo, Casablanca or any of the other truly-exotic getaway destinations… simply ask a local resident. There’s a whole world out there waiting for us – some that we may not even know about yet. There’s no shortage of things to do that you’ve never tried yet.