DisplayLink touts Monitor2Go

DisplayLink and Mobile Monitor Technologies have debuted a 15.4-inch portable display. Aptly dubbed Monitor2Go, the $280 display will be showcased this week at CES 2011 in Las Vegas.

DisplayLink spokesperson Kim Stowe told TG Daily that Monitor2Go is a  high-quality, full-size display that can be used with virtually any notebook or desktop PC.

“Most multi-monitor fans are frustrated when they have to leave their desktop set-up behind and are limited to one screen while traveling,” explained Stowe.

“But Monitor2Go is a USB-connected portable display that is the same size as some of the most popular notebooks on the market.”

According to Stowe, the mobile display is packaged with a built-in stand that allows the screen to sit at eye level – like a notebook display – and to be positioned in either portrait or landscape mode. 

The device is also designed for hanging.

And, up to six screens can be daisy-chained off a host computer’s single USB port to create an instant video wall.

Additional specs include:

  • Weight – four pounds.
  • LED-backlit.
  • Resolution – 1280×800.
  • Supported operating systems – Windows and OS X. [[DisplayLink]]