DejaOffice gets an Android makeover

DejaOffice has updated its contact management app suite for Android-powered smartphones such as the Evo, Droid and Incredible.

The free app offers users easy access to an Android-optimized interface of contacts, calendar, tasks and notes.

DejaOffice can also be configured to seamlessly connect with optional PC synchronization software offered by CompanionLink.

“Mobile professionals who use Android phones [want] to organize contacts into categories like ‘personal’ and ‘business’, schedule meetings with specific contacts, and dynamically search and sort through their data,” explained CompanionLink spokesperson Rushang Shah.

“They need to do all this in a way that doesn’t require them to jump from one app to another. [That is why] DejaOffice was built for the mobile user who demands their phone fit into their workflow.”

New DejaOffice features include: 

  • Link contacts to calendar appointments, tasks and notes.

  • Contextual menus that allow one-tap scheduling of a calendar appointments or creation of tasks with a contact name attached.
  • Password-protect sensitive data like contacts and notes.
  • Color-coded categories for contacts, calendar, tasks and notes.
  • Quick search any field, including custom user-created fields.
  • Full integration with native Android contacts and calendar databases.
  • Two color themes – dark and light.