Counting The Costs, What You Need To Make The Next WhatsApp

If you are a smartphone owner, there is without a doubt a good chance that you have heard of the WhatsApp. Maybe you have heard of it, but just have never utilized it. Whatever the situation is, it is hard not to deny that the app has made quite an impact on the market. In fact, it has done for text messaging what Skype did to international calling. It has taken it to the next level. The 1.2 billon monthly active users should be solid proof of the impact that the app has had on the world, but what does it really cost to create an app like this?

Understanding The Features

Before delving into the costs of the app, you really need to understand the features that are offered within the app. It really is the features and functions of the app that drive up the cost. The first and most notable feature is the instant messaging, which allows users to send text messages back and forth through an Internet connection. Even when users are offline they will receive their messages as soon as they log back on. In addition to this, you can group chat. Group chats will literally allow 250 plus users to gather in a single chat session at one time.

You can also set notifications, which will get you posted the whole time you are online. You can set notifications for things like discount deals, alerts, and instructions. Voice and video calling are also available through the app. When it is all said and done, you can truly see that there are a lot of intricate features included within this app.

What Kind Of Technology Does This Take?

Another thing that is going to drive up the app development cost is the technology that is required to bring the app into fruition. You are going to need a type of coding that is capable of sending and receiving mass amounts of data at one time. You would also need a server that can handle the same requirements. While the WhatsApp uses Erlang as the primary language, you could also use PHP or Java. You are going to need a big enough database that will be able to store and recognize all users’ login IDs and passwords. An operating system will also be essential to run the whole platform will also be essential. FreeBSD is the operating system that the experts at WhatsApp chose to use. They also utilize YAWS as their web-server.

The Development Team

It is probably safe to say that you don’t possess the knowledge or skills to handle all the technology and coding expertise that it would take to design an app like this on your own. Which means you are going to need a development team. This would include a project manager, a business analyst, a mobile developer, a web developer, engineers, designers, and maybe one or two marketing managers. This is vital. Remember that you need a good development team and they could cost you a bit. Nevertheless, you should splurge in this area, because it will pay off in the long run.