EvoQIS LTD to receive $17M for Shanghai Shuanghui Dachang Co. LTD new ERP system–custom software solutions


Nowadays software automation is one of the essential way’s companies can operate more efficiently than it was possible before. For businesses looking to scale up, automation cuts cost in the long run increases efficiency by a noticeable margin and allow organizations to reach heights that seemed unimaginable before. Companies like EvoQIS supply analytical strategy and development, based on big data and custom software, to provide unique solutions for companies to implement.

Their work process consists of business process reviews, consultations and more to provide system selection services and solutions, based on the best accounting/ERP (enterprise resource planning) software. EvoQIS takes a multiple step-process when creating custom solutions tailored for the specific business. They work closely with other companies, then see if the said solution is the best fit for them and walk them through the production process. After this, EvoQIS assists them by driving efficiency and productivity solutions to integrate into existing systems for easy interoperability. At the end of the day, they help customers utilize true ERP efficiency and make prudent business decisions, meaning, long-term integral and efficient solutions.

EvoQIS specifically:

More specifically, EvoQIS Limited acts as a reseller of Pixabytes Technologies. Their solutions allow businesses to streamline procedures, align information around sites, companies, and branches. All in all, they create better informed strategic decisions by breaking down the data and empower stakeholders with the ideal data to make overall better decisions.

EvoQIS provides businesses with the right toolkit to automate their area of operations, cut costs and increase efficiency. Now, with their importance explained, it’s important to go over the important deal.

The $17M deal:

Because of the deal with the Shanghai Shuanghui Dachang Co., their new ERP software is going to be deployed for a whopping $17 million. This new 3-year contract is going to be based on the new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software EvoQIS designed specifically for them. Shuanghui Dachang, which is China’s largest meat processing business, is a subsidiary of the WH group and has high hopes for the software and the deal.

As an ERP software reseller of Pixabytes Technology, EvoQIS Limited is a distinction that signifies the highest degree of implementation competency, product knowledge, and expertise. Based on their significant experience of dealing with operational and financial-management areas, the EvoQIS team hopes to gain a deeper understanding of how ERP business software adds value to organizations and come out with higher expertise than they had before at the end of the deal.

The contact period started on the 17th of December and is going to be extended until December 21, 2020.

The $17M investment is going to cover up all the costs for the services and the implementation process. These costs are going to be covered within the 3 year period contract, and this doesn’t include any optional extensions.

The CEO of EvoQIS, Mr. Shawn Lee, one of the most successful Malaysian Entrepreneur based in Hong Kong and China had the following to say: “We’ve been well supported during the inspection process, and hope to continue the working relationship as we research the Shuanghui Dachang future needs and requirements.”

Looking into the future:

At the end of the day, there are a lot of companies to this day using generalized software that just doesn’t meet all of their needs. Though, regardless of the company, a lot of people still take software for granted. Meanwhile, the competition will always try to get ahead of the industry standard, whether it be through custom software solutions or other investments. Those looking for a custom software company to enhance their business efforts are already a step ahead of their competition.

Custom software business solutions often provide the following, and not limited to, solutions that have no excessive function, save time, are cost-effective with a focus on efficiency. All in all, custom software solutions allow companies to elevate their operations to the next level. By impacting multiple fields inside the company, from marketing to cutting costs – custom software solutions can be the much-needed fix to scale up your company and stay ahead of the competition.