Connecting a drone to a smartphone

Once you are up for a drone then you need to connect it to either your laptop, desktop or your smartphone. Here, we will discuss the way in which we could setup a drone with our smartphones. It might seem to be a difficult job but it isn’t, you just need to follow all the simple steps and then you are ready for it.

These are some of the steps defined briefly to help you in setting up your drone

Step 1:

First, you need to charge your drone, it must be fully charged before use. Once you are done, then you have to download the application, now it depends on the type of phone you have if you have a windows phone,iOS or Android. Download the desired application, the app can be easily found in the play store or the Apple App store, just search for the desired name and there you go.

Step 2:

If you have a drone that was already paired with some other device, then make sure you unpair it first. Check for two buttons on your drone, they can only be pressed with some pointed object. One of them is an unpair button the other one is usually reset. Press the unpair button and then pair it to your smartphone.

Step 3:

After it is paired, plug in the battery to your drone and wait until the LED light turns green. Check your smartphone’s Wi-Fi settings wait for its name to appear in the network list. By selecting it you should get your smartphone connected to the drone.

Step 4:

Now, all the settings are done. It is time for you to fly your drone using your smartphone. The app on your mobile normally has a tutorial to introduce you to the controls.

There are different settings for flying indoors or outside, if you fancy flying your drone indoors then make sure you turn off the outdoor shell functions which are shown in the application and choose the indoor setting in the menu.


All the drones found on the market that can be connected to your smartphones work in the same way as we have defined here. Read X-Star Premium review to find out more specific details about your drone.

Not charging fully for the first time is one of the biggest mistakes that many users make, that lessens your drone’s life and you lack the fun and work which needs to be done. As drones are connected to your smartphone, make sure you keep that phone charged fully as well to avoid any interruptions.