Can’t-Wait to Update to iOS 11? Back your Data up First!

Fellow Apple Fanboys and girls; how are you feeling about the iOS 11 update? If you’re anything like us, you’re totally stoked. And there is no shame in that when you think about all the dope features in the new iOS 11 beta release; There’s an app switch, your BFF Siri is smarter than ever and even the camera has new and improved features. How can anyone who knows the wonders of Apple not be excited?

Remember though, the iOS 11 is still a Beta release. And what is the first thing you do when you are thinking of upgrading to a Beta release? Yes, that’s right, you back up your data.

Backing up your data is very important before updating your phone to a Beta version release. This is because there are still lots of bugs in the software. Bugs can eat away your phone’s data and leave you hollow on the inside. Can you ever get back those pictures of your nephew’s first birthday? Or that amazing Europe tour you took last year?

Of course, none of this holds true if you have backup your iPhone regularly. Then all your app data and your pictures and documents remain safe forever. Well, pretty much.

Still think it’s too much of a hassle? Here are some common iOS 11 bugs that can make you hard reset your phone and make you lose all your data:

Installation problems

Some people noticed that when they tried to update to the new iOS 11, the whole installation process got stuck on the Apple logo. For most people, the home button was still responsive so they could enter the recovery mode and fix it after following some instructions. This wasn’t a breeze, though. These people got back to iOS 10 but they had lost all their data. Imagine being left without backup in this situation!

Unresponsive touchscreen

Another commonly seen bug was this: People breezed through the installation process, but when they booted their phone to try out their brand new iOS 11, nothing worked. The touchscreen was completely unresponsive. Some people were able to use their touchscreen once the phone rebooted. Sometimes though, you needed to hard reset the phone over and over again till it works. Or you could take it to an Apple store. Either way, your data will be gone for good unless you had backed it up in the first place.

Spontaneous Reboots, Resets, and Lags

Another very common bug in the new update is that the phone tends to reboot repeatedly. It may also keep lagging till you are annoyed out of your wits. Some people even said that their phone just resets out of the blue. When such things happen, the first thing you do is fear for your data. Isn’t it better to back it up now instead of waiting for it to get wrecked and then facing a whole lot of regrets?