Can Blue Light Harm Your Eyes? How Does It Affect Us?

Basking in light is one of man’s fundamental requirements. It is vital to regulate our circadian rhythm, elevate our mood, and boost our energy. It is the prime source to regulate our sleep and wakefulness cycle. During the long winter nights and days, when sunlight is dim and limited, everyone tries to get more light. But, using artificial light at the wrong time can be harmful to the majority of the people. Certainly, we require darkness to sleep. An overabundance of blue light from cell-phones and computers causes daytime fatigue and disturbs natural rhythm. To prevent this, you can use blue light filtering glasses. And also, you need to learn more about blue light damages. Read this guide carefully for it.

Is Blue Light Harmful to Health?

Do you know the blue light is invisible almost? On the color spectrum, it is a form of ultraviolet light. It comes with the shortest wavelength and is dangerous for everyone. There are several harms of blue light other than that it harms our eyes. Blue light burns skin due to sun exposure and leads to cancer also. This high-energy and short-wave-length light rays on the blue end scatters easily and strikes water and air molecules in the atmosphere.

How Does It Affect the Eyes?

We are living in the digital world, and the extended time on screen is instantly becoming the norm in our daily lives. Prolonged uses of digital gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, enhance your exposure to harmful Blue light. It leads to trouble sleeping, headaches, blurred vision, eye strain, and many more. Learn more about how blue light can harm the human eye.

Burns Cornea

It is very important to know that blue light is everywhere, and our eyes are not good at blocking it. Anterior structure of the human eye contains lens and cornea, and these are highly effective blocking UV rays from the retina that is light-sensitive at the backside of the eyeball. Retina gets only one percent UV radiation because the cornea blocks all others even if you are not using sunglasses, but sunglasses can block 100% UV rays. These rays can cause cornea in human eyes and lead to several eye diseases like welder’s cornea, snow blindness, and others.

Increases the Risk of Macular Degeneration

In fact, the blue light penetrates the inner lining of the backside of the eye that is the retina. In this way, it starts damaging light-sensitive cells in the retina. This condition further leads to permanent vision loss, and it is known as macular degeneration. A huge part of blue light comes to the human eye through digital devices, smartphones, computer screens, and other gadgets. It puts you at the risk of macular degeneration later in life.

Contributes to Digital Eye Strains

Because of high-energy and short-wave-length, blue light scatters easily, and it causes visual noise. This noise decreases the contrast and causes of digital eye strain. Bad lighting, dry eyes, and fatigue, as well as your sitting style, can make the situation worsen for you. Difficulty in focus, irritated eyes, and sore are the symptoms of eyestrain.

How Can You Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light Harms?

If constant exposure to blue light is unavoidable or you cannot leave using devices, then you must follow these steps.

  • Reduce your screen time and take a break after frequent use of devices
  • Use screen filters for computer screens, tablets, and smartphones
  • Use blue light filtering glasses, it blocks blue light and increases the contrast
  • Use anti-reflective lenses that increase contrast and reduce glare.
  • Save your eyes from getting damaged.

Benefits of Blue Light Filtering Glasses

These are multi-layer coating designs, and patent glasses are good to decrease glare and block the blue light. In this way, blue light filtering glasses are great to offer relief from eye strain. These are ideal to use as anti-UV and Anti-Fog devices. These glasses offer you protection if you want to watch the late-night Netflix binge.


You know very well, the continuous exposure to blue light can cause several dangers to your health. It does not affect only your eyes, but it damages your brain as well as physical health. Most of the people face the problem of sleep apnea or other sleep disorder due to Blue light exposure.

Written by:
Jake Gibson