Breathtaking Myst sequel first iPhone app to exceed 1 GB

Fans of the cult classic PC game Myst salivated over the launch of the original sequel way back in the 1990s, and it’s still drawing buzz today. That sequel, Riven, is still making a technological mark too, as the biggest download size for any iPhone app to date.

Clocking in at just barely over 1 GB, Riven is already getting rave reviews. Its huge file size doesn’t simply step over other iPhone games, it trounces them. No other app comes close.

Developer Cyan Worlds advises users to download the file to their PC or Mac first, and then transfer it to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch via sync.

In fact, talking about downloading it directly to the phone via 3G, the developer said, “uh… well… you really don’t want to,” according to a quoted statement from

The beautiful-looking game puts players in the familiar Myst universe as they solve puzzles and try to bring down an evil dictator. There’s Game Center support for achievements, as well as a save-anywhere feaure.

Even if you played the original PC game, you might want to give this port a shot.

There’s some new exclusive features, like zooming in on environments and unlocking hints, that were added specifically for the iPhone.

The game costs $5.99, which is also gargantuan in iPhone terms, but more than reasonable for any fan of the original Myst, or epic puzzle adventure games in general. [[iphone]]