Best Travel Gadgets Which Need To Be On Your Wish List

Owning the right travel gadget can be an absolute game changer by making our travel all the more worthwhile and memorable. Today we are going to take a look at some of the best travel gadgets which need to find a place in your backpack on your next hike amidst the bounty of nature.

  • Portable Wash Bag

Whether you are going on an African safari or backpacking through Europe, a wash bag can have your back at all times as it brings along the dynamic combo of a flexible washboard and a pocket-sized wash bag which can be of great help in catering to your laundry requirements on the go. It will take just three minutes, a bit of washing liquid and 2-4 liters of water to clean your clothes in a hassle-free manner.

  • Portable Steam Iron

They usually have minimal power requirement and come with a few fabric heating levels. These compact devices can be extremely helpful for business travelers who need to remove the crease from their clothing before an important meeting.

  • Automated Travel Vacuum

Be a smart traveler with the automated travel vacuum which comes with a pressure detecting sensor for removing all the unnecessary air inside your suitcase and condensing the size of clothes to an exact half. In this way, you will be left with plenty of room in your travel bag to carry along some last-minute souvenirs and other things.

  • Flask Light

This multifunctional tool can serve as an awesome travel accessory for festival goers, camping enthusiasts, fishing aficionados and many more. It can hold up to 10 ounces of your favorite beverage along with a powerful LED flood beam flashlight, a compass, a bottle opener and 2 collapsible stainless steel shot cups.

  • Luggage Scooter

You can now move around quickly and with much ease coupled with this innovative trolley which doubles as a kickboard scooter so that you can give your tired legs some rest. In most of the cases they are also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity so that you can listen to your favorite songs while zapping through the airport queue. This multifunctional travel gadget is bound to turn heads as you glide away in style.

  • Video Recording Sunglass

This cool sunglass can protect your eyes and record the videos you intend to capture in a hands-free mode. Its inconspicuous nature can keep you covered at all times even when you forget to carry along your video camera.

  • Hi-Tech Foot Warmers

Take your comfort game a notch higher with the foot warmers which come coupled with thermostat driven control system to keep your feet warm and dry at all times. Its water-resistant fabric liner protects excess built up of moisture which is infamous for causing fungal infections.

  • Drone

Your travel diary just can’t be complete without some breathtaking shots which is going to boost up your Instagram feed for the next couple of weeks. Coupled with a high-tech drone you can get birds eye pictures at optimum resolution whether you wish to go ski-diving or water rafting. They come equipped with GPS and front-facing optical sensors which prevent the drone from bumping into obstacles.

  • Wireless Speaker

A portable speaker is an absolute must for travelers who bank heavily on music for charging up their adrenaline level. Coupled with rechargeable battery, built-in microphone and powerful speakers, these devices can keep you entertained to the core especially when you are feeling strained out at the end of a day long hike.

  • Dash cams

This onboard camera is usually set on the vehicle’s front windscreen for recording the view ahead. Bilawal Bashir points out that they ensure that the video files are not tampered after being recorded.

  • Water Purifier Bottle

Contaminated drinking water is one of the biggest cause of concern for travelers making it mandatory to have a water purification system handy at all times. This becomes an utmost necessary while travelling in remote locations such as Middle East, Africa and Central America. The portable water purifiers can transform clear natural water into drinkable condition within just 60 seconds. They are usually equipped with rechargeable lithium ion batteries and UV light which aids in neutralizing bacteria and viruses.

While some of them add an extra degree of convenience to your travel routine, others are simply to fantastic to miss out as they open up new possibilities in the world of technology.