Best Buy: White iPhone 4 coming April 27

Could it really be true this time?

An internal Best Buy database reportedly shows that the white version of AT&T’s iPhone 4 will be available for sale in just two days, putting an end to the countless delays plaguing the device.

Yes, the white iPhone 4 was supposed to come out a matter of weeks after the original, black version of the handset was released about one year ago. Apple pushed it back, multiple times, until it just stopped talking about it.

Then, finally, a few weeks ago the company said it was actually still working on the apparently complex process of swapping out black components for white ones, and promised to have it out by the end of spring this year.

Well, even after that announcement we still haven’t seen anything official about when it would actually be released.

If Best Buy actually knows what it’s talking about, it seems like the wait may finally be over. The retailer will reportedly receive around 10 units per store location.

Also, it will only be the AT&T version of the device, which is in contrast with some reports that the Verizon version would come out on the same day.

According to 9to5mac, the white Verizon iPhone 4 will be available very soon after the AT&T version hits.