Best Buy iPhone 5 memo was a hoax

If you saw anything in the news about an internal Best Buy memo about iPhone 5 launch details, you should know that it was intentionally faked.

According to BeatWeek, the memo was real. It was sent around to Best Buy employees just like any other official secret document would be. But the information included was made up by someone at the retailer’s corporate headquarters.

It was in fact an elaborate ploy to test employee loyalty. Best Buy wanted to see if the memo would be leaked to the press, and track down who did it. Just like clockwork, some blue-shirt wanted a moment in the spotlight and handed over the confidential information.

TG Daily did not run a story about the reportedly leaked memo, but those who did were eager to latch on to the details, which seemed to match up perfectly with existing rumors that have been flying around.

Among the details confirmed were that the device would be available for Sprint customers and will be launching in early October.

Of course, no one at Apple, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or Best Buy has said anything official about the next iPhone. We’re not even sure if it will be called the iPhone 5 or if it’ll be some variation on the iPhone 4 (e.g., ‘iPhone 4S’).

So Best Buy intentionally manipulated the news cycle, bringing phony credence to the numerous rumors in the blogosphere, but the truth is the retailer’s employees know just as much as you or me. We’ll get some official details eventually…