A first look at The Fades

The BBC has released a trailer for its upcoming new show – The Fades – a supernatural fantasy tale about a young man with the unique ability to see ghosts.

The trailer depicts his struggle to understand the meaning of the gift by deciphering the message of the engimatic Fades.

The official synopsis is thus:

Iain De Caestecker (River City, Coronation Street) is Paul, a young man who is haunted by apocalyptic dreams that neither his therapist or best friend, Mac, can provide answers for. Worse still, Paul is starting to see the Fades – the spirits of the dead – all around him. 

They’re everywhere but they can’t be seen, smelt, heard or touched by living beings. But now an embittered and vengeful Fade has found a way to break the barrier between the dead and the living and Paul, Mac and their friends and family are all right in the eye of the storm. 

But the most terrifying twist is yet to come – the fate of humanity rests in the hands of the two friends who already have enough trouble getting through a day in one piece, let alone saving the world.

The show is written by Jack Thorne, and stars Iain De Caestecker, Johnny Harris, Natalie Dormer (who has also been cast in the next season of Game of Thrones as Margaery Tyrell), and Daniel Kaluuya.

The Fades premiers on BBC Three September 21, 2011. Unfortunately, there are currently no plans to air the series in the US, but as with any BBC show, if it’s popular, we’ll see it over here eventually, even if just on DVD.