Best Apps For Millennials

In this day and age, it seems like there is an app for virtually everything. Online shopping, personal banking, and even apps that help you keep track of how much water you’re drinking can all be done with the click of a button. Many of today’s apps are catered primarily to the millennial demographic, 98 percent of whom own smartphones. While apps like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube remain some of the most popular among millennials, there are tons of other apps that are included in many millennials’ daily rotation. Here are just a few of the best apps for the millennial set.


There comes a time in every millennial’s life when they’re forced to leave the nest that is their parents’ basement and get their own place. The Redfin app is a great resource for first-time homebuyers, and the app makes it easier than ever to search for homes based on location and budget. The Redfin app can help answer any questions you may have, like “how much house can I afford?”, and also allows users to get personalized quotes through current mortgage rates. The Redfin app is the ultimate way to view homes for sale in a particular area and set up tours on-the-spot.

Credit Sesame

Credit is something too many millennials don’t pay enough attention to until it’s too late. Maintaining a good credit score is an essential part of buying a house, purchasing a new car, or taking out any kind of loan. Credit Sesame is an app that makes it simple for millennials to check their credit scores for free, as well as get suggestions for how to improve their score and credit cards they may qualify for. Unlike other credit monitoring services, checking your credit through Credit Sesame will not harm your score, and you’ll be able to keep track of every change to your score via alerts. Credit Sesame is the perfect app for millennials who want to take control of their credit and reach their financial goals.

Special Guest

The Special Guest app is one of the best apps for millennials and something everyone needs in their phone. The app, co-founded by actor and comedian Damon Wayans Jr, allows users to book talent for parties and events. The app can also be used for performers as a way to share their work and get paid for doing what they love. The Special Guest app bridges the gap between talent and users, helping to facilitate networking and connections. Be sure to download the Special Guest app before your next social function and check out some of the talented performers in your area!


Ridesharing has become one of the most common ways for millennials to get around, and Lyft has been at the forefront of that movement. Lyft is a ridesharing app that allows users to locate a ride anywhere and at anytime. Lyft’s slogan is “your friend with a car”, and that friendly appeal is what sets Lyft apart from other ride sharing apps like Uber. Before your car arrives, the Lyft app allows you to check out your driver and read a little bit about them, such as where they’re from, what kind of music they listen to, etc. Lyft is especially popular among millennials who live in big cities, as it’s often quicker and easier than hailing a cab or taking the train. Lyft is an extremely useful app that every millennial should have in their phone.